Whys to fight suicidal thoughts

Research is a testimony to the fact that depression has a negative impact on your life. Your motivation, hope is going nowhere and you are stranded in life. With the passage of time it has a huge role in growing suicide rates as well.

The best way in overcoming depression is taking baby steps. When you are coping with depression, the key is to have a positive attitude towards life and take action. Your mind should be empowered with positive thoughts and for sure you can analyse on how to prevent suicides in your family as well. Now let us illustrate a series of steps by which you can keep depression at bay.

Trying to be connected in the best possible manner

In dealing with depression the onus should be on taking things in a health perspective. It is going to be really tough to be connected with your family or friends at this point of time. Trying to be engaged in social activities could lift your mood to a considerable extent as well. If there is people around you the chances of depression reduces considerably.

Engaging in activities which is going to be make you feel a lot better

At no point you should plan to engage in things that are going to make you uncomfortable. Try as far as possible to engage in things which is going to make better and you can experience better things in life. Even if you are into engaging into fun activities it is not going to improve your depression, but is going to make your more energetic to a host of activities that is happening around you.

A healthy lifestyle

Do cross check on the fact that you are sleeping close to 8 hours a day. If this is not the case then it is going to add up to the suffering. Stress level is another important point of consideration as it is going to take a degree of pressure. It is also necessary that you part of any relaxation method like yoga or mediation etc.

Getting into the habit of exercise

One of the best ways to ward off depression is exercise. It is not that you would need to hit a gym on a regular basis, and research does point to the fact that if you exercise regularly you can keep depression at bay as well.

A balanced diet

The knowhow of what and when to eat is also important. If something is have an impact on your brain or mood reduce it. Tran’s fats would be an example. Do not fall into the habit of skipping meals.  There are some foods that are feel good foods and try to engage in them the most. If possible increase the intake of vitamin B supplements as this is going to reduce the impact of depression

If you still have some doubts relating to depression, the suicide prevention hotline would be of a lot of importance as well.