Why You Should Use Egyptian cotton Bed Sheets at Your Home?

After a hectic and busy day at work, you just need a good night sleep at home. You need comfortable bedding for it. With a good night sleep, you can maintain your mental, physical, and psychological health. It is very important to buy top quality bed sheets for good lifestyle. There is nothing better than Egyptian brand bed sheets. Get complete comfort and feeling of luxury with Egyptian cotton sheets. Here are some of the benefits of Egyptian cotton sheets.


Higher Thread Count

Thread count is an important factor to determine cotton sheet quality. These types of Egyptian cotton sheets have huge thread count out of all sheets. Thread count is the number of thread woven well to make single inch square of sheet. Warp is the total number of threads running in length and weft is the total threads running wide. They give thread count when added together. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality. Egyptian sheets come from 400 to 1000 thread counts.


Longer Cotton Staple

The term ‘staple’ refers to the length of cotton fibers. Longer staples refer to added strength and longer life. These sheets are made of specific type of cotton growing in longer strands. Made of these cotton strands, these sheets are stronger than sheets with other fibers. Strength shouldn’t confuse with thick or heavy fibers. These sheets are soft and light as well.


Breathable Fabric

Egyptian cotton sheets are known to be very breathable. If you suffer from hot flushes, sweating problems on hot nights or sleep hot, it is the best product. Air flows easily from these sheets to rest coolly and comfortably. They also control bedding temperature. Some people are used to take cool side of pillow. These sheets are made for you if you have that habit.


Cost Effective

Generally speaking, Egyptian cotton sheets need big investment initially, but when you experience its benefits, you will feel that it is worth the money. The soft touch, breathability, looks and durability makes this sheet best choice. It is a one-time investment which lasts for longer period.



These cotton sheets are fine and longer lasting. They have higher thread counts and longer strands to make the sheet costly but they are very durable. These sheets can be used consistently for years. It is recommended to wash your sheets once a week to remove all the dust and dirt and it won’t affect the quality. Sheets look new for years if it is maintained properly.


Pilling Free

A lot of lower quality sheets make pills which don’t just look unsightly but are uncomfortable too. Instead, Egyptian cotton barely produces lint.


These are the benefits enough to prove that it is important to buy Egyptian cotton sheets for soothing sleep.