Review on Velvet Upholstered Furniture

Velvet is a very luxurious fabric and gives you the feeling of being a royal. It is popular due to its softness and silkiness and how luxurious it make the think look. Even a little bit of element of velvet can make the object or person look luxurious and comfortable. Velvet furniture upholstery is very popular among the velvet lovers. Velvet upholstered furniture makes the whole place look like it belongs to a royal palace also making it look comfortable and cosy. It comes in so many luscious colours and in so many different textures all of them rich in their own way. But with greater looks comes the greater need of maintenance and care that it requires.

Prevention of damage

Prevention is always better than treating a problem. Even though one has the answers to the problems but still one must try to avoid the problem altogether. Especially when it comes to the velvet furniture upholstery, if you want it to last for longer period of time, you should take several prevention measures. These preventions that could increase the durability of your furniture upholstery

  • Brush the fabric of furniture upholstery with the help of a cloth brush. Make sure the bristles of the brush that you use are not too hard but soft and do not clean the upholstery by applying more than required force as it may cause damage to the velvet.
  • Plump the cushions every day or several times a day so that the cushions could remain in well-plumped shape and it can also help the avoidance of wrinkle formation on the velvet leaving marks on your furniture upholstery
  • Keep changing the position of back cushions more often and also turn over the cushions so that that impaling effect do not leave any mark or wrinkles on it.
  • Do not leave any hard objects on the furniture as it may affect or damage the velvet. By hard object, we mean remote controls or any other had substance from which velvet is at high risk to be damaged. Click here for more information.

Cleaning Velvet Furniture Upholstery

Following are some of the cleaning tips for the velvet furniture upholstery

  • Clean off the excess or any dirt from the furniture upholstery made up of velvet with the help of a soft brush that cannot damage the velvet. You can also use a dry soft cloth piece to remove the dirt from the upholstered furniture.
  • You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt from the furniture.
  • If you have accidently spilt something on it make sure to remove the excess of any of the spilt material with the help of the dry cloth and then make it absolutely dry using absorbents that cannot destroy colour and softness of velvet

How to remove stains from it

Stains on our beloved furniture can destroy the whole look of our furniture upholstery. One should avoid, at the first hand, getting any stains on the velvet furniture upholstery but even if we are unlucky to get some stain on it there are several ways and tactics to remove them. Every stain and the fabric has its own way to be treated with a cleaner so make sure while selecting a cleaner that it should not damage your furniture upholstery.