Radon testing Milwaukee will surely help to keep your safe anywhere and everywhere

Why is Radon Gas dangerous

Radon gas is known as the quiet killer in USA because it is considered as the second cause of lung cancer. It is more than 20000 of US citizens are dying every year for Radon radioactive gas naturally found underground due to breakdown of uranium. This uranium is found in water, rock or soil and they tend to breakdown as gas and rises above from the ground. This is a absolute odorless and colorless gas causing severe damage to people’s life.

Radon testing Milwaukee How doRadon Testing Milkaukee work?

According to Wisconsin Health Department the presence on Radon gas is so high that it may rise above 4 Pci/ltr which is dangerous. EPA has some guidelines following which the Radon TestingMilkaukee is carried out. It is noticed that radon effect might start very late but once the effect is noticed it will leave nobody anywhere to breathe. Once the gas rises up it gets mixed with the air we breathe causing serious damage to our lung.

Radon TestingMilkaukee with their radon testing expert keeps the process so easy and reasonable for the client that it will keep the radon detector at a very low level  at ones residence, office or any other place and then this detector will detect the radon level hour on hour and produce the result only after 48 hours.

About Radon Testing Milkaukee

With best trainee and experts in radon testing Radon Testing Milkaukee group will definitely keep your home radon free from time to time. Radon Testing Milkaukee is one of the best in south Wisconsin area of US and they make sure that they are punctual and they will remain un0noticed till anyone is at home, office or any other place. The expert form the group caters to homes, colleges, schools and offices. They use the best Radon testing equipment and follow the EPA guideline in order to carryout Radon testing and then help to reduce the level of Radon Gas at offices, homes, schools and colleges.

What instrumentdoesRadon Testing Milkaukeeuse ?

Radon Testing Milkaukee mainly use Sun Nuclear continuous radon monitor which is of industrial standard and one of the best. It should be noted that this particular machine is approved by EPA. This radon monitor is far better than charcoal canister test kits because it gives the exact test result of Radon level present in the premise. It should be noted that till the time Radon testing monitor is kept in the living room for 48 hours one should not open windows or put the air-conditioners on. To enter or to go out from the house opening and closing of door is open but keeping the door open for no good reason is not allowed. It will not solve the problem. Exhaust fan should be kept off during the testing time. Within 20 feet of the monitor the ceiling fan, air-purifier should not be used before cleaning or during cleaning.

Radon testing Milwaukee

 Radon Testing Milkaukee works in different part of Wisconsin andcater to business houses and home owners to install the Radon testing monitor so as to keep the record of Radon every day and keep the radon level low. The team members are so expert that they can work in absolutely new premises or even 100 year old premises.