Pizza stones for grills are perfect and apt for cooking a great variety of foods.  Among all those varieties, pizza is one but you will have to take proper and special care without which the possibility of damage or breakage is very high.  It is worthwhile learning to use the pizza stones for grills, both for using the stone for baking purpose as well as for maintenance purpose.

Preheating the stone


Although preheating the stone is a better idea, it also depends on from where you purchased your baking stone.  In any case as already said it is a better idea to pre heat the stone as it will not damage the stone.  The most excellent way to preheat it is to place it into the oven when it is at room temperature and then do the preheating process.  Thereafter you can extract the stone and have the pizza or any other food that you are going to cook placed on it.  This being done, you can replace the stone in the oven.  After that, you can bake to your will and pleasure depending on the recipe that you want to cook.

pizza stones for grillsSupposing that you are not sure of yourself and bothered about the possibility of cracking the pizza stone, you can as well evade this by seeing that it does not shift to higher temperature quickly.  Never attempt to place a cold cooking stone into an oven that is hot because the sudden change in the temperature can cause heavy cracks to the stone.  Just the same way removing it from the oven and putting it into cold water can also cause cracks on the baking stone.  You must keep in mind that any sudden change in the temperature will create undue stress on the stone.

Looking after your Pizza stone

pizza stones for grills

Pizza stone could be used to cook a diverse range of foods which includes breads, biscuits and cookies among others and of course, needless to say, Pizza.  The possibility of foods sticking to the stone is quite remote, but it is better to season it with applying a little amount of oil.  While using the stone for the first time, it is better to cover the cooking surface with a slight amount of vegetable oil.  This step may be repeated for a few times while using the stone.   A thin coating of oil likewise helps in seasoning the stone until giving the stone a deep brown tint in the course of time.  Although you do not have to cover it with oil every time seasoning on a regular basis prevents food from sticking to it.

How to keep the stone clean and unblemished

The pizza stones for grills can be compared to a porous rubber in the sense that the stone has the quality of absorbing or soaking up whatever is baked on it.   So, it is advisable not to do the cleaning of the stone with soap and water.   So, for cleaning the stone you can heat it up to a high temperature for a few minutes just to scorch melt any food items that may be sticking to it.  The other method is to immerse the stone in pure and warm water for about fifteen to twenty minutes.  Now, just rub it clean and let it on the counter overnight to get dried.