Memory Manipulation Methods from

The server memory space is the location where the complete action related to the gaming experience is said to be concentrated. User interaction from the browser interface, sending and receiving of data packets, generation of characters and resources, hurdles, pitfalls and other elements happen within this space. All the threads related to programming are also resident in this layer or get connected through here. Hence the programmers from pay special attention to the memory manipulation techniques while developing hacking code.

Memory manipulation Methods from

  • Reading the server memory means interpretation of object oriented programming. This process starts from the stage of identification of objects and relations with each other. For example you can consider the game of war zone. Some of the probable objects are soldiers, weapons, ammunition, the “hero”, enemies, food and energy resources, landmines and other dangers etc. They have functional relations among them like gathering of weapons and ammunition, aiming at enemy targets, shooting, resource pooling, avoiding dangers and more.
  • The standard sequencing of the game is fixed by the gaming application software. All the variations happen strictly according to the multiple permutation and combination of procedures within the limitations of coding only.
  • The hackling application has a role in breaking this flow and gain access to critical resources at all the rounds and levels of the game. This can be achieved only when the server memory is manipulated at runtime.
  • The code developers at use various combinations of programming to access the DLLs, user interface elements, event driven procedures (related to clicks, key press, key release etc) and the anticipated reaction of the gaming software to these events.
  • Preliminary access gives details about the standard mode of events. This is actively manipulated by replacing the flow with the flow written for the hacker program. This is the first phase of memory manipulation.
  • This is immediately followed by the trigger of alarm in the server memory space, which in turn can activate the security features, prompting the system to block your active account. A successful hacking algorithm will be able to intercept this “alarm” and silence it. However the practices of hacker coding vary. Some advanced hacking techniques avoid detection of such memory manipulation by the security systems.

Control manipulation at the memory Level

Gaming controls in the server memory come from multiple sources like the user interface, gaming software applications and the results of user and program triggered events.

  • The hacking codes created by programmers from are capable of taking over the complete/partial control of the event triggered results. For example you can consider an event where the user object (main character in the game) is hurt by the enemy firing. Normal flow of control would deplete the energy level and elimination from the game.
  • The hacking program can manipulate this flow of control by triggering of “energy” from the resources database. This is done by introducing its own flow of control into the program. So you are able to survive this threat and move ahead to the next rounds and levels of the game successfully.