Graduate Record Examination

Graduate Record Examination is an international test that ensures for admission in top notch international universities. This test is conducted by ETS. As this is a computerized test.students must have basic operational knowledge of Computer.

The new revised GRE has changed its marking scheme as well as the whole test pattern; the test consists of three areas:

  1. Quantitative section
  2. Verbal Section
  3. Analytical writing Ability

Previously each quantitative and verbal section was scored between 130 to 170. Ofcourse, the higher this scores the more the chances in getting into for desired university.

Our strategies:

We  here at sir Shirazi`s Academy strive for better results in all international tests as GRE verbal section is vocabulary based test. We enhance the ability of students to recognize new words by teaching effectively. We believe in vocabulary memorization and testing it on regular basis.  As far as the quantitative section is concerned we take out the best from you by teaching to state of the art techniques.

Usually our students get desired scores. We never let any students fail. We are always there for you. Visit us if you are looking for GRE test preparation in Karachi.