Experience the Digital Technology working for Borescopes

The power of digital technology working for Borescopes seems to be growing with every new model of the device in the market today. This is evident from the enhancements in the tools used for capturing the images and video footage. For example you can consider the video camera chip. This can capture the footages from the inspection area and transform them into sharp and high resolution images. The magnification factor has also increased significantly. Macro size images of the micro and nano size objects allow you to identify such flaws easily. Now you can take corrective and preventive actions for repair and maintenance of pipes, sewer lines, chimneys and other civil and industrial construction sites.

Borescopes Borescopes for Defect Detection

Remote sensing Borescopes with digital camera and LED can probe into the deepest parts of the pressure pipes. The enhanced field of view gives scope for maximum coverage in single scan.

  • Seamless Navigation: – The ability of digital Borescopes to travel through 90-degress bends in the pipes makes them highly preferred for close angle inspections. I was able to experience this feature while working on pipeline laying project for a paint manufacturing unit. Nearly the entire length of breadth of the pipelines was at a height of 20feet from the ground level. After every 50 meters there was a 90-degree bend within the manufacturing plant. The external pipes almost extend to 300 meters at a stretch. Probing such pipes covering 4 square kilometers was no easy task. That meant our maintenance team had to work round the clock for real time inspection. But our task was made simple by the application of Borescopes. Our engineers can control their navigation through the help of wheels and crawling devices.
  • Accurate Coverage: – As you know, the paints are thick liquids with almost opaque nature. While they flow through the pipes it is almost impossible to get a clear view of the pipes’ internal walls. But the digital Borescopes make it possible to get crystal clear footages. This is made possible by the intelligent combination of digital lenses, digital camera and the CMOS chip. The types of Borescopes we use are also highly recommended for fuel pipes, gas lines and other sensitive material supply lines. They have a higher field of view and depth of coverage. For example some of them can probe into more than 150-feet of depth, enduring the hydraulic pressure.


  • Crisp Display: –  The LCD display screen with touch-screen option gives crystal clear display of the faintest visible objects. By keeping the camera focused on such areas you will be able to identify the minutest types of defects within shortest possible time. You can get magnified images from the footages in real time (for both image and video) which gives you the exact dimensions of the defects.
  • LED Lamps: – The powerful LED lamps shed light through the most opaque types of liquids. Moreover the digital scanners used in the Borescopes cameras can get the clear images of the pipeline walls.