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Kitchen Fire Damage Repair

Kitchen Fire Damage Repair

Every home has a kitchen, but the kitchen can be the most dangerous part of anyone’s home. Because the kitchen contains several dangers, including the danger of fire, there can be extensive damage done to the kitchen that can be extremely costly. It’s always best to have homeowners insurance or renters insurance in order to protect against kitchen fires, or to do kitchen fire damage repair, but this is not always the case. Some who have a kitchen, will not take precautions beforehand and get insurance, and when a fire happens in the kitchen, the damage must come out of the pocket of the homeowner or the renter.

It’s an unfortunate incident when this occurs, but there are ways to proceed forward, to do the kitchen fire damage repair. If there is fire damage in the kitchen, most likely the stove will be in disrepair, if the fire originated from the stove; so it may not even work properly anymore. The smoke that billows from a kitchen fire can also damage the walls, ceiling, and other appliances in the kitchen. It’s even possible for the smoke or fire from the kitchen to also damage the upper level of the building, even if it’s just a roof overhead. Even with devastating damage, there is still hope for repair.

If the insurance is covering the damage to the kitchen, then one still must make decisions as to what appliance replacements and repairs they would like. More than likely the stove will need to be replaced, as well as cleaning of the walls or repainting them, and other appliance repairs or replacements. Even though insurance may be covering everything, it’s best to go with only the necessities, as the claim will go onto the record of the insurance claimant, and may work negatively against the claimant in the future. The lower the amount, the better for both claimant and the insurance company.

If paying for kitchen fire damage repair out-of-pocket, there are ways to cut costs. It’s best to clean as much as possible, paint where necessary, and replace as little as possible. If the stove can be saved, have it thoroughly cleaned, and ready for use. If the fire has extensively damaged something, and it cannot be cleaned, then replace it, but buy used items to save on cost. A kitchen fire can be devastating when it happens, but being prepared in the future with insurance, will help to avoid having to pay for costs out-of-pocket.

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