Dos and Don’ts of Doctor Notes for school

While preparing doctor notes for school you need to follow certain simple guidelines which tell you about the dos and don’ts related to the preparation and printing methods. By following these procedures you can stay safe from being punished. Your school may have strict rules for following up with the hospital or medical center where you took the medication and treatment. In such cases these guidelines can help you.

Guidance on Doctor Notes for Schoolfake hospital note

  • Download the standard format of doctor notes for school template. Make sure it contains all the mandatory details like the medical center and doctor name, contact number, space for specifying your school name, and remarks column.
  • Some formats may have pre-created checklist for tests and treatments. You may just need to tick on it after taking the print.
  • Some of the advanced templates (usually the paid versions) have pre created prescription for medications and treatments. Check whether they can be practically applicable in your case. If not you need to edit the sections according to the illness you are faking.
  • Don’t print a medical center name which doesn’t exist. Avoid printing wrong phone numbers. Specify genuine medical center/hospital name. This is regardless of the probability of follow up by the school being less or high. Even if they follow up, the probability of getting the details are low, due to the non disclosure rule by the HIPAA laws. They prohibit the hospitals and medical centers from disclosing any of the illness related details of an individual to any third party.
  • Don’t show critical or contagious diseases as reason in the doctor notes for school. This can backfire on your academic progress in your school.

Best Fake Hospital Note

The best fake hospital note is preferably from a public hospital. They follow the rules of non disclosure very strictly. Some of them won’t even disclose whether a particular patient had come for consultations or treatments at the hospital. This is according to the HIPAA laws.

doctor notes for school

  • If you are planning to take a break for more than a week, you can prepare the fake hospital note for hospitalization and treatment. You could mention severe fever with body ache and fatigue as the reason for hospitalization.
  • During the period for which you have specified hospitalization, make sure no one from your school is able to see you outside. Your visibility at public places can result in punitive actions on you by your school/ office authorities.
  • One of the problems with printing the fake hospital note is that you can’t find the stamping from the hospital. So the best way is to send the note by email to your office. But you may need the printed copy to make it look more legitimate.
  • Mention all the details about medication and treatments you took at the hospital in detail. Get the signature of the doctor from your friend who is no way related with your office. This will help avoiding the suspicions about your fake hospital note.

Top 3 Vitamins For Stronger And Longer Eyelashes

Have you ever tried any eyelash serums that promise you with longer and stronger eyelashes or have you bathed the lashes with an array of nourishing oils? Getting longer and stronger eyelashes is something all desire but face a challenge having it in reality. Kudos to the technological advancement, today there are numerous methods which you can take into concern for having increased growth of eyelashes. However when you are concerned with how long does it take for eyelashes to grow, one of the best method is usage of vitamins. With this, you will probably step out for the market and return back confused thereby not being able to decide what to choose. To help you deal with this problem reliably, here are top 3 vitamins which you can use for having long, thick and strong eyelashes.

how long does it take for eyelashes to grow back Take a look at these 3 vitamins boosting the growth of eyelashes:

  1. Biotin-

It is one of the most reliable vitamins one can use for the growth of eyelashes. Surprisingly, biotin can be found within the body itself and plays a very essential role in a good diet. Then the question is why would one take biotin as supplement when it is produced naturally in the body? The need of taking biotin as a supplement arises when your body is unable to produce enough amount of it or you lack biotin in your diet but is in desperate need of growing your eyelashes. Intake of biotin supplement increases the metabolic reactions in the body as well as the rate of the growth of eyelashes without resulting into any serious side effects. Biotin is itself available widely at numerous heath food outlets and also the supermarkets. Talking of how long does it take for eyelashes to grow using biotin, it is approximately 20 -25 days if you have normal hair growth cycle.

  1. Folic Acid-

It is widely taken in for boosting the nervous system but has also proven to be highly efficient in boosting the growth of the eyelashes. By serving as an agent that helps in increasing the production of the red blood cells in your body, folic acid assists in replacing and development of the new cells within the body. Alike biotin, it also increase the growth of eyelashes. Coming to how long does it take for eyelashes to grow with this vitamin, the time duration is somewhat like that taken by biotin but it is subject to variance depending upon your physical state as well as the condition of the eyelashes. Folic acid is easily available at retail stores or pharmacies but you need to keep the dosage in concern. For women, the intake amount should not exceed 200mcg and as of men, 400mcg.

  1. Hair-skin-nail formula tablets-

This is another popular vitamin promoting the growth of your hair and nail and maintaining the skin. Often referred as 3 in 1tablet, this one comes with numerous ingredients like folic acid, biotin, vitamin A,C,E and D, B12 and calcium. Though they are available in the medical stores but if you are unable to find, go online.

how long does it take for eyelashes to grow backFinal verdict

So, here you have these top 3 vitamins for having longer and dense eyelashes. But coming to how long does it take for eyelashes to grow, that entirely depends on firstly your hair growth cycle and secondly, the rate and regularity at which you are taking them in. To wrap with, do make sure not to take too many vitamins together or continuing the same over a huge time span as this might make your eyelashes bushy.


Review on Velvet Upholstered Furniture

Velvet is a very luxurious fabric and gives you the feeling of being a royal. It is popular due to its softness and silkiness and how luxurious it make the think look. Even a little bit of element of velvet can make the object or person look luxurious and comfortable. Velvet furniture upholstery is very popular among the velvet lovers. Velvet upholstered furniture makes the whole place look like it belongs to a royal palace also making it look comfortable and cosy. It comes in so many luscious colours and in so many different textures all of them rich in their own way. But with greater looks comes the greater need of maintenance and care that it requires.

Prevention of damage

Prevention is always better than treating a problem. Even though one has the answers to the problems but still one must try to avoid the problem altogether. Especially when it comes to the velvet furniture upholstery, if you want it to last for longer period of time, you should take several prevention measures. These preventions that could increase the durability of your furniture upholstery

  • Brush the fabric of furniture upholstery with the help of a cloth brush. Make sure the bristles of the brush that you use are not too hard but soft and do not clean the upholstery by applying more than required force as it may cause damage to the velvet.
  • Plump the cushions every day or several times a day so that the cushions could remain in well-plumped shape and it can also help the avoidance of wrinkle formation on the velvet leaving marks on your furniture upholstery
  • Keep changing the position of back cushions more often and also turn over the cushions so that that impaling effect do not leave any mark or wrinkles on it.
  • Do not leave any hard objects on the furniture as it may affect or damage the velvet. By hard object, we mean remote controls or any other had substance from which velvet is at high risk to be damaged. Click here for more information.

Cleaning Velvet Furniture Upholstery

Following are some of the cleaning tips for the velvet furniture upholstery

  • Clean off the excess or any dirt from the furniture upholstery made up of velvet with the help of a soft brush that cannot damage the velvet. You can also use a dry soft cloth piece to remove the dirt from the upholstered furniture.
  • You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt from the furniture.
  • If you have accidently spilt something on it make sure to remove the excess of any of the spilt material with the help of the dry cloth and then make it absolutely dry using absorbents that cannot destroy colour and softness of velvet

How to remove stains from it

Stains on our beloved furniture can destroy the whole look of our furniture upholstery. One should avoid, at the first hand, getting any stains on the velvet furniture upholstery but even if we are unlucky to get some stain on it there are several ways and tactics to remove them. Every stain and the fabric has its own way to be treated with a cleaner so make sure while selecting a cleaner that it should not damage your furniture upholstery.


Long term business bid strategy in adwords

bid strategy in adwords
The volume of analysis you need to make for having long tern benefits of bid strategy in adwords could be huge if you happen to be a beginner. As you gain experience in this field you will be able to choose the best of them by pure intuition. There are many parameters which you have to consider while selecting the right strategy. Some of them are target visitor traffic, target conversions, target visibility and target number of clicks you wish to have for a specific time which usually for a month. But the effectiveness of the strategy will be known only after 3 to 4 months of active implementation.

Market identification for bid strategy in adwords

It is said that you need to test the waters before stepping your foot in. The same logic applies for selecting the right bid strategy in adwords also. If you are able to analyze the market you will be able to formulate the right kind of campaign with proper keyword combination. You need to consider many parameters for doing it correctly.

bid strategy in adwords

  • Get to know the most popular keywords for specific products in the region in which you plan to start your campaign. You can do it effectively when you take the help of professional online marketing company. They can give you the most applicable sets of keywords and also design your campaign. They can add suitable images and video links through which the potential visitors can enter your website. This is a basic requirement due to the increasing competition in the field of bid strategy in adwords.
  • Selecting the keywords with least competition and optimum number of usage for a moth by the searchers can be the good ones for you. As the number of visitors and conversions increases you may be able to insert new keywords to your campaign. This approach can surely generate more number of visitor traffic in the long run.
  • You need to be aware of the changes in the buying patterns of the visitors. When you take the help of professional bid strategy in adwords planner, he will be able to give you important hints about the competitors in your business, the trends of visitor product selection etc. You will be able to make changes to your marketing strategy based on the analytical reports you get.

Customer conversion with bid strategy in adwords

The rate at which the visitors are getting converted into sales determines the best bid strategy in adwords. You may choose one type of strategy like pay per lick in the initial stages. Then you may also choose the pay per view to enhance the brand awareness of your business and products.

  • Once you start getting any visible results you may choose to continue with the same plan for the next few months also. Then the probability of enhanced sales conversions could become more.
  • If you are unable to get any results within the specified time, you may need to change the keywords, campaign style or the bid strategy in adwords.

Power packed fat burning with suplementos para emagrecer goji berry

You can experience the power of suplementos para emagrecer goji berry within the first few weeks of its regular consumption. Your body starts slimming down from the belly region which spreads to the upper and lower body parts uniformly. At the same time the muscles start getting toned and the skin layers start getting tightened. All the toxic elements get eliminated from your body and the hydration get restored to healthy levels. Metabolism and cardiovascular activities get restored to normal working conditions. Within a few months you attain the slim and athletic physique you have always dreamt of. Physical fitness and health get balanced. You will be able to enjoy wholesome health forever.

How to use suplementos para emagrecer goji berry

suplementos para emagrecer goji berryGoji berry ingredient provides you with lots of carbohydrates and proteins. In addition it generates high volume of energy in calories. This acts as a good fuel for fat burning in your body, provided you consume nutritious foods with antioxidant properties.

  • The dietary fiber suppresses the feeling of craving for fatty foods. When you combine it with antioxidant foods like watermelon, orange, pomegranate and broccoli you can experience wonderful effects of fat burning in the belly region. As this region starts slimming down you need to provide suitable means by which the muscles and internal organs in this region can get toned up. This can be easily achieved when you engage in physical activities like walking, jogging and swimming. Consumption of omega fatty acids in the form of fish, green leafy vegetables, beet and carrot your body is able to utilize the energy generated from fat burning. All the proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the foods are converted into their basic forms by suplementos para emagrecer goji berry. They get stored within the muscles, tissues and internal organs of your body.
  • By consuming plenty of fluids and water your body is able to eliminate the factors of stress and strain. This is one of the reasons for which the craving for eating fatty foods go away after you start using the suplementos para emagrecer goji berry. This means you are avoiding deposition of excess fat in your body besides eliminating the existing fat and cholesterol. This process can enhance the slimming down and toning up of your body.

suplementos para emagrecer goji berry

  • By working out in the gym regularly your body is able to utilize the complete energy released during the process of fat burning. You can get an athletic physique and tighten the skin layers to perfection.
  • The fat in the subcutaneous layers of your skin get broken down into basic elements of fatty acids and get released into the blood stream. They are also utilized by the muscles and internal organs of your body for toning up and shaping up.
  • The process of weight loss with suplementos para emagrecer goji berry also means gaining of healthy muscle mass. Your body is able to gain endurance to stress in your everyday life. You are able to enjoy completely fit and healthy life where in the chances of obesity are eliminated by suplementos para emagrecer goji berry.

How to Make Your Boobs Bigger and Firmer

Useful tips on how to make your boobs bigger include growth supplements, massages, exercises and diet plan. The primary element is the supplement. This can be in the form of capsules or pills with natural ingredients. Herbal elements like fenugreek, Dong Qui, fennel, blessed thistle, kelp, dandelion and watercress can help in making the boobs bigger than the present size. When you combine them with regular massages it can de-stress the muscles and tissues to considerable levels. Then they are ready for growth. The ingredients also help in generation of new cells formation of tissues. Since they happen within the ligaments and muscles the increase in volume is an imminent process.

how to make your boobs bigger How to Make Your Boobs Bigger through Tissue Strength

If you are serious about how to make your boobs bigger you need to focus your attention basically on the tissues. The formation of new tissues from the newly generated cells can result in their softness. In many cases it could lead to sagging of boobs. If you with to reverse this process, you need the elements like fennel and dandelion.

  • The ingredients can penetrate the boob tissues and inject the vitamins and mineral. This results in the enhanced tensile strength. But this could also make them harder by nature. The aim is to avoid such negative effects by keeping the tissues and muscles firmer and softer. They can also enhance the health and size of boobs by increasing the layers of skin at the boobs’ top skin levels. This ensures fuller and firmer boobs without any negative side effects.
  • The tissue strength can be enhanced with the help nutritious foods like soy bean, whole grains, rice and barley. If you wish to avoid these elements due to obesity issues, you can get their extracts in the form of powder. You could mix them in water or whole milk for everyday consumption. This method is useful in increasing the tensile strength of the inner walls of the boobs and projecting the outer shape to considerable levels.
  • Watercress is an ingredient which can provide supply of vitamin E. This is also capable of providing the hydration methods for the tissues and muscles in the interior of boobs. Healthy water and fluids within the inner walls of the boobs can help the muscles expand naturally. This is a direct result of tissue strengthening process by watercress. By following the consumption patterns of supplements as recommended, you can experience how to make your boobs bigger naturally.

How to Make Your Boobs Bigger through Massaging

how to make your boobs bigger

Massaging your boobs with the help of bare fingers and lotion can solve your problem of how to make your boobs bigger. You may start at the areola region and move downwards. Deliberately press and massage every tissue in a gradual manner. Once you are through you need to reverse the procedure in opposite direction. This procedure is to be followed from the nipples till the base. This is one of the easiest ways how to make your boobs bigger.



Pizza stones for grills are perfect and apt for cooking a great variety of foods.  Among all those varieties, pizza is one but you will have to take proper and special care without which the possibility of damage or breakage is very high.  It is worthwhile learning to use the pizza stones for grills, both for using the stone for baking purpose as well as for maintenance purpose.

Preheating the stone


Although preheating the stone is a better idea, it also depends on from where you purchased your baking stone.  In any case as already said it is a better idea to pre heat the stone as it will not damage the stone.  The most excellent way to preheat it is to place it into the oven when it is at room temperature and then do the preheating process.  Thereafter you can extract the stone and have the pizza or any other food that you are going to cook placed on it.  This being done, you can replace the stone in the oven.  After that, you can bake to your will and pleasure depending on the recipe that you want to cook.

pizza stones for grillsSupposing that you are not sure of yourself and bothered about the possibility of cracking the pizza stone, you can as well evade this by seeing that it does not shift to higher temperature quickly.  Never attempt to place a cold cooking stone into an oven that is hot because the sudden change in the temperature can cause heavy cracks to the stone.  Just the same way removing it from the oven and putting it into cold water can also cause cracks on the baking stone.  You must keep in mind that any sudden change in the temperature will create undue stress on the stone.

Looking after your Pizza stone

pizza stones for grills

Pizza stone could be used to cook a diverse range of foods which includes breads, biscuits and cookies among others and of course, needless to say, Pizza.  The possibility of foods sticking to the stone is quite remote, but it is better to season it with applying a little amount of oil.  While using the stone for the first time, it is better to cover the cooking surface with a slight amount of vegetable oil.  This step may be repeated for a few times while using the stone.   A thin coating of oil likewise helps in seasoning the stone until giving the stone a deep brown tint in the course of time.  Although you do not have to cover it with oil every time seasoning on a regular basis prevents food from sticking to it.

How to keep the stone clean and unblemished

The pizza stones for grills can be compared to a porous rubber in the sense that the stone has the quality of absorbing or soaking up whatever is baked on it.   So, it is advisable not to do the cleaning of the stone with soap and water.   So, for cleaning the stone you can heat it up to a high temperature for a few minutes just to scorch melt any food items that may be sticking to it.  The other method is to immerse the stone in pure and warm water for about fifteen to twenty minutes.  Now, just rub it clean and let it on the counter overnight to get dried.

Graduate Record Examination

Graduate Record Examination is an international test that ensures for admission in top notch international universities. This test is conducted by ETS. As this is a computerized test.students must have basic operational knowledge of Computer.

The new revised GRE has changed its marking scheme as well as the whole test pattern; the test consists of three areas:

  1. Quantitative section
  2. Verbal Section
  3. Analytical writing Ability

Previously each quantitative and verbal section was scored between 130 to 170. Ofcourse, the higher this scores the more the chances in getting into for desired university.

Our strategies:

We  here at sir Shirazi`s Academy strive for better results in all international tests as GRE verbal section is vocabulary based test. We enhance the ability of students to recognize new words by teaching effectively. We believe in vocabulary memorization and testing it on regular basis.  As far as the quantitative section is concerned we take out the best from you by teaching to state of the art techniques.

Usually our students get desired scores. We never let any students fail. We are always there for you. Visit us if you are looking for GRE test preparation in Karachi.

Eagle Scout gifts, Custom Boxes: How To Pick The Best For Your Needs

When showing youngsters the letter set, they are told ‘b is for box.’ They realize that a box is dark colored and square-inch, and it holds stuff. Notwithstanding, this isn’t exactly what a box is. What, precisely, is a box?

What Is A Box?

A box is a square or rectangular holder that is utilized for capacity, dispatching or transporting, for brief utilize, and so on. Boxes are made to hold strong things, and they are produced using different materials, for example, metal, wood, paper board, layered fiber board, and so on.

What Are Custom Boxes?

These are containers as we probably am aware them, yet tailor-carefully fit by the customer’s specifications. These aren’t quite recently made to the customer’s details, however they can likewise be outlined or printed with logos if the customer so wishes. Most Eagle Scout gifts custom box makers take into account an extensive variety of customers, and they can deliver the same number of amounts as required at practical costs.

Custom Boxes For Your Needs

The best customer containers out there rely on upon one’s box needs and the organization they choose to work with. Since custom boxes are bespoke, one can get what they require precisely as they need it. A few organizations permit making your box and printing outline; then they make it for you.

eagle scout giftsMATERIALS: Boxes are made of metal, wood, creased fiber board, ridged plastic, paper board, and so forth. The material utilized is generally in view of what the box will be utilized for.

Bundling: Eagle Scout gifts Custom bundling boxes are the most widely recognized kind of containers out there with most container assortments. These boxes are made for pressing and dispatching and transporting, and are made to guarantee the greatest security and safe treatment of the things being stuffed.

Opened BOXES: These boxes likewise called customary opened boxes, are the most widely recognized boxes you have. It is made with a solitary bit of card board which is stuck at a convergence, the top and base folds are left to be shut by the customer subsequent to pressing, with pipe tape or paste. These boots particularly are flexible and are utilized for transporting materials, books, and so on.

Pass on CUT: These boxes are creased and bespoke particularly for the requesting customer, and are perfect for toys, blessings, and beauty care products.

Extending TRAYS: Littler forms of this custom box are ideal for wrapping presents and utilized for putting away expansive, delicate things.

eagle scout giftsDifferent sorts of boxes are:

  • WOODEN CRATES – For overwhelming obligation, long-long-remove shipping
  • WOODEN: For moving wines and other packaged substance
  • FOLDING: Popular cases of collapsing containers are blessing bundling and pizza containers
  • BOX FILES – Mainly utilized as a part of workplaces for records and papers
  • SETUP: These containers are forever set up by the maker before conveyance, with simply the upper left open. Otherwise called a hard paper board box, these custom boxes are quite expensive yet perfect for bundling gadgets, adornments pieces, and beautifying agents.

A few locales offer Eagle Scout gifts Custom boxes, with picture tests of their item and what outlines you can get imprinted on them. Look at them to get the best containers to suit your necessities.


Natural Methods of Achieving Healthy Life with bim100

The arrival of bim100 into the online stores seems to have created a new era in total health management. As you might have seen, the volume of benefits you get from this supplement has been quite substantial. Your everyday activities have been boosted with the availability of newfound energy. The process of metabolism has improved considerably. The cardiovascular organs are functioning efficiently. Blood cholesterol, glucose and fat are balanced. Immunity to illnesses and infections has increased. Stress levels have gone down significantly and your body is able to sustain energy levels throughout the day. You are able to sleep peacefully without experiencing any disturbances.

How bim100 Works

If you have already used bim100, you will be familiar with most of the benefits listed above. If you haven’t started using it yet, you could get to see its benefits through the experience of existing users. Reviews, feedback, comments and tweets in the social networking sites can give you insights of the multiple benefits.

  • The supplement bim100 has a simple set of formula which is characterized by the color codes. You can read about them in the official website in detail. As you go on reading them, you come to realize the logical manner in which the ingredients are combined to produce this supplement.
  • Mangosteen is one of the main ingredients of bim100. This has been used by people in South East Asia and parts of West Indies to enhance vitality and health levels. This ingredient plays multiple roles in controlling and eliminating major health problems. Fighting cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, fat, hypertension, brittle bones, muscle weakness, cardiovascular problems, spinal cord issues and many other problems is the core characteristic of this ingredient. The immunity levels in your body also increases to significant levels with bim100.
  • Soybean is an ingredient which improves heart health and controls blood pressure. This is also useful in sustaining the levels of beneficial fatty acids. Lubrication of joints and connecting tissues is another benefit you get from this ingredient.
  • Black sesame is highly useful in balancing the levels of energy. The ingredient can also act as powerful antioxidant for removal of toxic elements from your body. Hydration of internal organs, muscles and skin is another task performed by this ingredient.
  • The other ingredient Centella asiatica is useful in cleaning the brain from deposition of toxic elements. Most of the negative effects of smoking, drinking and other addictive elements can be eliminated with this ingredient. Your mid is able to achieve clarity of thinking. The balancing of essential chemicals in the brain, like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and others help in achieving emotional balance.bim100
  • Elimination of toxic elements from the skin layers helps in brightening of skin and improving its health. Generation of collagen and elastin gets enhanced. Your skin gets the perfect anti aging effects which you have always wanted.
  • Balancing of metabolic activities and elimination of waste and toxic elements keep you body healthy and immune for a long time. These are only some of the benefits of bim100.

Air Conditioning Repair Essential For Your AC Unit

ac repair in manassas va
In the event that you are not kidding about augmenting the life of your air conditioning unit, then, there are no making tracks in an opposite direction from standard air conditioning service. The air conditioner, much the same as whatever other electronic gadget, is defenseless against utilitarian and operational issues. Through the span of time, components inside the unit could separate. Thus, the unit starts to lose proficiency. Now and again, the unit may quit working by and large. In such occurrences, you require the heating and air conditioning Manassas VA services of a presumed air conditioning repair service.

Regularly, most shoppers organize intermittent registration to guarantee that everything is in working request. A spring and fall registration ought to suffice. Minor issues do manifest now and again, more so when the unit winds up plainly old. Be that as it may, these issues can be dealt with rapidly and without much cost on the off chance that they are distinguished at an opportune time.

A portion of the repeating exercises performed by service faculty include:

– Cleaning channels: Removing flotsam and jetsam and tidy from the unit includes something other than taking a gander at the inside cushions. It is important to examine the channels and vents as well. This shields the whole framework from all the potential issues that could emerge. Stops up ought to be flushed in order to anticipate blockages. At the point when vents are cleaned completely, proficiency likewise rises. Alongside this, it is important to clean the zone encompassing the unit.

– Tuning up: Regular tune-ups guarantee that the unit is working at ideal limit and conveying the correct yield. Tune-ups for the most part incorporate estimation of airflow, making modification in refrigerant charge, testing the execution of the capacitor, checking levels of Freon etc. Every one of the loops and wires are likewise assessed for rust, wear and tear. Taking after a legitimate tune-up, the air conditioning unit moves toward becoming re-empowered and it begins to work at its ideal limit.

While a few people leave off repairs until issues emerge, others put resources into general support. Repair must be performed via prepared experts who have the accompanying aptitudes:

– Preventative support

– Diagnosing and settling issues with warming and cooling frameworks

– Replacement of parts

– Regular tuning up of units

– Unit control conformities

– Onsite assessment

ac repair in manassas vaIt is important to contract heating and air conditioning Manassas VA experts. Working with electrical machines is perilous. For instance, the extent that the AC unit is concerned; blending Freon with power could have unsafe repercussions. Having a prepared proficient at work guarantees wellbeing and additionally quality work.

When the time has come to contract service experts, some care must be taken to locate the most ideally equipped organization for the employment. There are distinctive choices and the client has the flexibility to pick between various alternatives.